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“Having my laser hair removal is actually life changing – wish I done it sooner! And Elle is amazing, so lovely and makes me feel so comfortable, couldn’t recommend more. Thank you so much.”

“I’ve had 4 sessions and wow I’m amazed with the results so far. Was always a little sceptical as I am very hairy! But I’m more than happy with how it’s going. I look forward to each session! Thank you Ladies That Laser.”

“Just want to say thank you soooo much for my treatments so far! Almost half way through and it’s been very clear it’s the best decision I’ve ever made – so quick, completely pain free and at such a good price! Always a pleasure and you’re always made to feel comfortable and at ease! Already started recommending you and the treatment I’ve had!”

“Thank you so much for making me feel comfortable when having my laser treatment. Always makes sure that it’s quick and pain free.”

“Friendly, efficient and professional service. Clean and comfortable setting. Pain free and quick procedures. I can’t recommend Ellie enough!”

“100% recommend, very professional, friendly and makes you feel really comfortable. I have noticed a huge difference in my hair growth since having laser hair removal and love seeing the results after each session!”

“Such a lovely warm welcoming I was nervous to start with for intimate areas to be lasered. However this soon disappeared, lovely lady and amazing prices. Won’t ever go anywhere else! If I could give more than 5 stars I would 10/10 positive experience.”

“I was worried about my first ever laser treatment, but Ellie was excellent and put me at ease. Not painful at all, great all round experience! Thank you Ellie.”

“Couldn’t recommend Elle enough. Was thinking about laser hair removal for a long time but was nervous really don’t know why now wish I found ladies that laser sooner there’s No pain at all! Had 3 sessions so far and I’m really noticing the difference, I noticed a difference after session 1!!”

“Honestly thank you so much, even after just one session I’m noticing my bikini line has barely grown back. Honestly so happy I could cry haha. Can’t wait for my next session thank you so much!”

“I kid you not, I’ve only just had to shave! My hair has barely grown back after one session.”

“Just finished my hollywood course! Can notice a huge difference and I was made to feel comfortable throughout every session. I’m now continuing to finish my underarms and legs which I am already noticing a difference with after just a few sessions. Highly recommend, results are amazing!”

“Just wanted to say again how pleased I am with my results. My bikini line especially it’s made such a huge difference even though my hair was sooo dark and thick before! I literally only have to shave once a month now it’s amazing. My leg hair is also really thin now and mostly falls out.”

“Even just after my first session I noticed an immediate difference in my hair growth. Now after 6 sessions I have a couple of small patches come through every few weeks. Can’t wait to have another couple of sessions and my whole bikini area will be complete. The whole process was really easy and I was made to feel super comfortable.”

“Had the best experience with my laser hair removal, honestly wish I’d started sooner! Literally painless and so quick but the results last so long. Very excited to get more parts done.”

“If, like me, you previously cried during a laser hair removal treatment and promised you’d never do it again, I encourage you to give it one more try. Book a session with Elle. She is the warmest person ever with the latest tech solution to your unwanted hair problem. Most importantly, it’s pain free!”

“I am absolutely loving the results of my laser sessions. My hair just fell out after the last session and took weeks to grow back, and even after that it was very very sparse. Very impressed and can’t wait to carry on!”

“After just 1 session on my underarms I can already notice a difference.”

“I have been going to Ellie for quite a few months now for hair removal and I am so pleased with the progress so far! I am having my legs and under arm hair removed, I can see a massive difference already and I am only having to shave the day I visit Ellie now just to remove the few odd hairs left. Due to having restricted movement in my right arm, Ellie has made me feel very comfortable and has been very accommodating by helping me get into the right position and supports my arm whilst doing the treatment. She has made me feel very comfortable and I really would highly recommend booking her.”

“Just wanted to let you know that I’ve seen SO MUCH progress and I’m so so happy with it! Only 3 sessions in and I’m not growing back nearly as much hair on my bikini line and legs! Also my left underarm is completely hairless! Thank you!”

“Just wanted to say how happy I am after having my laser treatments with you. I’ve gone from having constant prickly legs even after shaving and them growing back in a day, to now having permanent silky smooth legs even after not shaving for weeks. The few hairs that do grow back are like soft little baby hairs! Thank you.”

“I would definitely recommend LTL. I have had 2 sessions on my underarms so far and already have amazing results. I feel at ease in a clean and friendly environment. I can’t wait to start other areas and see more results.”

“I would most definitely recommend Ladies That Laser, I was really unsure about getting lasering done but I’m so pleased with the results and can’t wait to have more done. Elle is so friendly and makes me feel completely comfortable.”

“I couldn’t recommend Ladies That Laser enough. Always super friendly, professional and excellent at what she does. Results are amazing, after only 1 session on my legs the hairs began to thin out and become patchy. Since having treatments it really has changed my life and made me feel so much more comfortable in my skin. If you’re thinking about doing it but not sure, do it! You won’t regret it.”

“Just wanted to say a big thank you to LTL. I was so embarrassed about some dark hairs on my neck after having quite a few sessions of dermaplaning to get rid of the blonde fluff on my face with someone else. I have had 2 sessions now and I can see a massive difference! I’m so pleased with my results that I’ve booked in to start treatment on my legs too. Elle is very professional and made me feel at ease the whole time. I can’t recommend her enough.”

“Fabulous service, Elle’s a lovely girl and always makes me feel comfortable! I’m so happy with my results, I can go a month without shaving and I’m still smooth! Would defo recommend to anyone who wants hair removal.”

“Ellie is very professional and puts you at ease before and during your treatment. Completely pain free experience and I started to see results after the first session. I would 100% recommend to anyone considering having this done.”

“I am so happy with the way my laser treatment is going, seeing big results only 4 sessions down! Ellie is also not only professional, but makes you feel completely at ease and is lovely. I genuinely enjoy my visits and would recommend to anyone!”

“Elle is professional and friendly and you feel at ease with her, not self conscious at all. Treatment is quick and pain free and I have found it to be very effective even after only a couple of visits. Elle always checks that you are comfortable. Very good value for money too.”

“Elle has a very friendly and welcoming space. The service provided is extremely professional and I was told everything I needed to know about the treatment. Elle put all my worries at ease about hair removal and I started seeing results as quick as my second treatment.”

“After two sessions of hair removal I can already see a massive difference, Elle is very professional and has answered comfortably any questions I have had. Virtually pain free experience, would 100% recommend and I will certainly be getting more areas done with Ladies That Laser.”

“I’ve only had to shave once on the area after having just 2 sessions with you, before I started my treatment I was using hair removal cream once a week, thank you so much.”

“I can’t believe the results! I was sceptical at first on how well the treatment would work, however I’m amazed every time I throw on a short sleeved or strapless top and I don’t have to constantly worry about shaving my underarms. Also lovely saying goodbye to having sore and irritated skin. Can’t thank you enough.”

“Just wanted to let you know that even though its only been 2 sessions I’m already noticing such a massive difference and it’s heaven not having to shave every other day.”

“I am very happy with my results after only 2 sessions of hair removal. Elle has been very professional and reassuring throughout and I would definitely recommend.”

“Ellie has worked incredibly hard (and continues to) build up this amazing salon. A truly relaxing experience regardless of what treatment you’re having. You’re always guaranteed a 5 star service.”

“I’ve had my 4th session recently and the hair growth of the areas treated have reduced significantly, as well as the dark follicle shave marks I had prior to treatment, thanks to Ellie and her device.”

“A big thank you Elle, I am so happy with the results of the laser on my face, I now see my face instead of the discolouration when I look in the mirror, I feel so much happier in myself now.”

“Elle is very professional and puts you at ease the minute you make an enquiry. A lovely, relaxing treatment room and I’m excited to see my results.”

“So impressed with the results so far after just 2 sessions, and can’t believe I even saw results after just the one session! I never thought it would work this well as I am very dark and thick haired, but now I want it done everywhere! Thank you!”

“I am extremely happy with the treatment that was provided with Ladies That Laser. I was made to feel at ease on arrival and throughout the treatment. Everything was made clear about what to do before and after treatment and how the treatment will be. I have had two sessions so far and I am exceptionally pleased with the results. I can’t thank Ladies That Laser enough for the life changing experience. Looking forward to being hairless for the summer.”

“Ladies That Laser provided a very seamless experience. The treatment was explained in detail and all questions were answered fully. I was made to feel comfortable and the treatment was virtually pain free. I am on my 3rdsession of hair removal and already seeing the results I wanted. I will definitely be coming back for more sessions on different areas and would like to thank Ladies That Laser for their professionalism.”

“From the minute I walked in Elle was professional, personable and understanding. She left no questions unanswered and reassured throughout the process. I had reservations about laser treatments before but any worries I had, Elle put to bed before and during the appointment. Couldn’t recommend her enough, after two sessions I can see results already.”

“Very professional and have already started to see results after having my second session on underarms. Would definitely recommend to anyone thinking of having this treatment!”

“I was really surprised at how pain free this treatment is and how quickly I have seen results for hair removal. I had all of my questions answered during the free consultation and will definitely be returning for more areas to be treated.”

“I have always managed my own hair removal and was unsure how the laser hair removal process worked. I found a local business to where I work and live and upon speaking with the owner, she quickly gave me guidance and understanding on how the laser hair removal process worked.

There were 3 areas that I wanted hair removal on and loved the fact that I could have all three treatments carried out in one sitting as appose to one each week.

The price for all three services was even more appealing so I booked an appointment for the treatments on the day of my consultation and patch test.

I would highly recommend Ladies that Laser.”

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